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General Information
The term “paperboard” is a general term descriptive of products made of fibrous materials on paper machines which are .012 of an inch or more in thickness. Within this general classification are three different grades of paperboard which are classified in accordance with the industries for which they are principally produced. The three main divisions are:

            Boxboards, for fabricating folding and set-up boxes and cartons for a 
            wide variety of other applications.

            Container boards for the manufacture of corrugated and solid fiber
            shipping containers and products.
            Paperboard specialties, includes all other grades for many different
The principal use of paperboards is in the manufacture of set-up boxes and cartons. Because of the differing properties of the paperboards, many alternative uses have developed. The “chipboards” that are sold by Star are generally classified as boxboards.
Types of Chipboard
The following summarizes some of the different boards sold by Star and their characteristics:
            Chip (non-bending) also known as plain, gray or generic chip. This is the lowest grade of chip and the least expensive. It is a solid board made entirely of paper stock with hardening or stiffening agents added.
            Chip (bending) This is an unlined board made of paper stock (mixed papers) in thickness ranging from .016 to .040 inch. Chipboard usually has a brown color with specks throughout, the color varying according to the color of mixed paper used. Bending chipboard will weigh more per thousand square feet than a comparable caliper of non-bending chip, though both are used where strength and appearance are not essential factors.
            Clay-coated board is a high grade board made from paper stock and bleached sulfite pulp. The board is coated with clay applied on the machine (mill-lined) or as a separate converting operation (sheet lined). This process imparts a permanence of color and brightness. Made in thickness ranging from .012 to .028 inch, it is the highest standard grade of board and is used for the better folding cartons. This board will generally be “news back” (comprised of recycled newspapers) or “kraft back” (comprised of kraft paper). Both news and kraft backed clay-coated chips are available in calipers ranging from .011 to .040. Additionally, they both provide additional strength and appearance quality.  The kraft back chip is heavier than news back for a given caliper.
            Pasted board is produced by pasting two or more sheets of board together. Most of the boards with calipers in excess of .060 are pasted. Obviously, the additional thickness adds strength.
            Polycoated chip is chipboard with poly coating on one or both sides. The addition of the poly provides an amount of moisture barrier and abrasive protection.
APAC stocks the following chipboard sizes:
                        Size                          Caliper             Pallet count             Number
40 x 48                         .020                   2000                      233110

8 ½ x 11                       .024                 20000                      233240


     Star Paper Converters can cut custom sizes

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